Landstones final market update before the end of 2020 is a chance to reflect on a year of extreme upheaval and turmoil in the market place. Many people have faced unprecedented personal and professional struggles throughout the year. 2020 will be rem... read more »
Landstones are still dealing with a high number of applicant registrations, many of them trying to get their move organised and executed before the Christmas period. We have seen a much milder second lockdown with schools and many businesses sti... read more »
The lettings market has continued to show strong demand through the month of October. With the normal cycle of the markets severely disrupted this year it is hard to say what is driving continued demand but we believe it is a combination of several f... read more »
Thinking about the market over the last month several things have come quite starkly into the forefront. The first one is the importance of getting the price correct for the property you are hoping to rent. Tenants are very selective and with the bac... read more »
After a tumultuous start to the year, 2020 has really started to get up a head of steam for the lettings market in August. We have seen record numbers of tenants registering with us looking all across the board, from students looking for house shares... read more »
July has not brought with it the weather we all wanted but in the lettings market it has brought a wealth of positivity and an abundance of activity. Traditionally a very strong month for the lettings market, this year we really did not know what to ... read more »
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