Landstones lettings fees for long term and short-term lettings plus landlord administration fees

Assured Shorthold tenancies (AST) do not incur any fees for the tenant

Agreements outside of the AST structure such as short lets, holiday lets or when the rent exceed £100k per year, will be subject to an administration fee of £612+VAT (£734.40 Inc VAT)

Landstones will prepare the paperwork for your tenancy which includes the tenancy agreement, your government right to rent checks, comprehensive referencing and organising the protection of any deposits.

If during the course of the agreement you wish to make changes to the occupants of the property subject to the AST agreement, then a fee of £250+VAT (£300 Inc VAT) will be due per alteration.

Your Deposit
Landstones will protect your deposit in line with government legislation through the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)

Where your rent is under £50,000 we will take five weeks deposit.

Where the rent is £50,000 or over we will take six weeks deposit.

Where evidence is provided to you that the property was professionally cleaned prior to the beginning of your tenancy you will be required to instruct and pay for a professional clean at the end of your tenancy in order to return the property as received.

If you wish to terminate any tenancy before the legal date of termination and your landlord agrees to such earlier termination then you will be liable for any proportion of the commission payable by the Landlord for that period which would remain unexpired had the tenancy run its full term. This will not apply in the event that the tenancy agreement recites an agreed break clause.

Assured Shorthold tenancies will be subject to an administration fee of £350+VAT (£420 Inc VAT) If you wish for Landstones to manage your property a charge of 16% + VAT of the rent achieved will be charged.

Should you wish to renew your tenancy at the closing of the initial fixed period there will be an administration fee of £150+VAT (£180 Inc VAT) for Landstones to prepare any renewal paperwork.

Please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff for further information.