Property Management


At Landstones we recognise that effectively managing a property is a tough and sometimes tricky job with many unique challenges that may not be immediately obvious. Keeping your asset in the best possible condition for both the habitation of your tenant and for the achievement of the greatest possible rent requires constant vigilance and diligent effort.


Our property management team takes a different approach, a long-term approach to keeping your property in showroom condition. Everyone understands that problems do occur, whether these are small or large they need to be addressed immediately to avoid losing a good tenant or escalating into excessive cost. At Landstones we are interested in the root cause of these problems and this is why we put in place our 20 Point improvement scheme to not only address any immediate issues but effectively manage your property going into the future.


How is our service different?


Landstones Property Management service is a continuous and comprehensive management service and will continue constantly whether the property is vacant or occupied by tenants. Vacant periods - which our lettings team will be working hard to keep to an absolute minimum - are used by Landstones to carry out a schedule of maintenance and improvement to your property that have been previously agreed and scheduled through our 20 Point Plan.


When you instruct Landstones Property Management your dedicated property manager will visit your property and draw up our 20 Point Property Plan. Using our 20 Point Plan as a route map we can maintain and make strategic improvements to your property to ensure your property is always in the highest condition giving you the best possible opportunity to let your property to the best possible tenants. The 20 Point Plan starts with a home inspection with you to identify the area for maintenance or improvements, once we have thoroughly investigated the areas we can help we lay out the roadmap to improving the property from re-grouting the bathrooms all the way through to replacing and/or renewing the kitchen and all that is in between. The team then work through this plan in order to make your property stand out amongst the crowd of options available to a perspective tenant.